Magic encounters in South Africa.

♦ sacred white lions ♦ drums & dancing  ♦ healing ceremonies  
♦ true sanctuary for big cats ♦ wildlife safari ♦ communication with animals ♦ spa, sun & beach

October 21 - November 1 2021

Foto: Panthera Africa

Do you want to experience something extraordinary?

Join our trip to the coast of the beautiful South Africa
Through amazing encounters with unique animals and nature, through nature ceremonies, the beat of the African drums and dancing around the fire, you will discover what it means to be truly alive.

References from previous participants

A fantastic trip in many ways and through many layers.

Will definitely recommend this trip to others!
A fantastic trip in many ways and through many layers.
A journey that went into all the senses and into complete presence, and showed how being in the present made everything unfold so easily. The strongest experience was
definitely meeting Cathrine and the animals at Panthera and I am more confident and trust myself more regarding communication with animals.

Cathrine Christoffersen

A trip that really gives you peace and lets you ground deeply.

A trip that really gives you peace and lets you ground deeply.
All my senses became fully alive! It was superb to live in our own villa with the group being together. Was great to cook our own food and have plenty of peaceful time in the house.
Wonderful start of the day doing morning yoga. A trip that will be alive within me for a long time - that
expanded my understanding of communicating with the animals and gave me a deeper connection to nature.

Marit A



A visit to Panthera Africa, a sanctuary on the animals' premise

One of the highlights on this trip is the encounter with the white lions living at Panthera Africa - this amazing sanctuary for big cats is run by norwegian Cathrine Nyquist and her partner Lizaene.

A 2-days workshop in communication with animals

The white lions are by indigenous people seen upon as the most sacred animal living on earth. It is said that they are carrier of a higher consciousness. Therefore, it is super exciting that we are invited to join a workshop in communication with these animals with Panthera`s own animal communicator Sammy Thompson.


Foto: Panthera Africa

Crystal Cloof

Drumming & dancing around the fire

Another highlight is drumming & dancing around the fire with
a local shaman.
We will also do a powerful nature ceremony
A drum journey goes beyond the limitations of the mind,
so prepare yourself for a healing night under the
beautiful starlit African sky.

2-days safari in the wilderness

Elephants are extraordinary, and here at Gondwana Game Reserve you will meet them close up. You will also meet lions, buffaloes, rhinos, and zebras roaming free.

Meeting wild animals in their natural habitat is such a thrilling experience, so prepare yourself for 2 days of amazing adventure. 


Nature connection walks in the mountains

Guide and meditation teacher Elisabet will guide nature
connection walks in the mountains, and also morning meditations. The mountains in this area are powerful, scattered with crystals, and the energy is very high.  



2 of the days are dedicated to relaxation so your body can process the powerful encounters on this journey 

You can have a refreshing swim in the ocean or just have a lazy day at the beach. If you want to be spoilt in exotic surroundings, Mosaic Sanctuary offers a variety of beautiful massages (http://mosaicsouthafrica.com/) We also have our own massage therapist who does house calls.


Have you ever dreamt of going to South Africa?

Now is your time to make this dream reality!


                         Come and join our next tour in October 2021!                                                                

About Elisabet Slang

Elisabet Slang

Elisabet Slang is the retreat leader. She has a background as homeopath, meditation teacher and guide in Deep Nature Connection. Her long-standing exploration of nature-presence and deeper contact with nature has led her to travel all over the world. She has learned from several renowned natural heroes like Jon Young and Geoffrey McMullan Pathfinder.

Elisabet has previously arranged trips to the white lions in Timbavati in South Africa - and for a while also been the tour leader of tour operator Carpe Diem.

This is her 10th trip to South Africa, and she says the Western Cape area (Hermanus) where the retreat will be - surpasses everything she has experienced before of natural power and close contact with mountains and wildlife! As she says, "Being able to bring people here and share the best of the unique and powerful South Africa I know is a dream come true!" She is calm and balanced as a travel leader and creates a safe frame which allows each participant to make room for his own process.

Earlier participants are incredibly pleased with Elisabet and say, among other things:

Elisabet is a pleasant, calm and inclusive guide. I felt very well
taken care of. She arranged everything so beautifully for us so we could just lean back and enjoy the various experiences. I would love to go on another tour with she as my guide

Ragnhild Berge


Body, mind and mind will be taken care of in all possible ways, and the food we eat is organic and nutritious, made on site by the locals


Our house is perfectly created for our group, with bright and airy living areas, and bedrooms with separate beds.

There are several outdoor resting areas to choose from with peaceful views to both the ocean and the mountains.


Flights are not included in the price. If you want help booking airline tickets, please notify us at the time of booking.


Join us for this adventurous journey!

October 21 - November 1 (incl 2 days of travelling)

Price NOK 29.600,-

  • Including all activities, animal communication workshop (spa at own cost)
  • Including local transportation and food throughout the stay(4 meals at own cost)
  • Including accommodation 9 nights

We warmly welcome you to join this unique experience!